Product: The iPhone – a chrome embryo pulsating with data streams. A meat puppet for the digitized masses.

Market: A hungry maw, a million twitching fingers yearning for connection, porn, and the simulacrum of social interaction. A Deleuzian rhizome of desire, burrowing into every pocket, every purse.

Fit? A perfect symbiosis, a feedback loop of want and fulfillment. The iPhone doesn’t create the market, it codes it, writes the script of our digital addiction. But the market pre-exists, a simmering psychic miasma waiting to be tapped.

Cut! – We shift frequencies, enter the static between layers.

Protocol: The 2G GSM protocol – an invisible city of data packets zipping through the airwaves. A Burroughs cut-up of ones and zeros, a language only machines understand.

Market-Protocol Fit: The tango becomes a three-way, a flesh-machine orgy. The iPhone, a chrome marionette, dances to the tune of the protocol, pirouetting across the invisible stage of the network.

Cut! – Deeper down the rabbit hole.

Protocol-Stack: The 2G protocol, a mere node on a vast, interconnected web. A Deleuzian assemblage, built on the backs of decades of telephonic evolution. A cellular network – a monstrous organism with steel towers for bones and fiber optic cables for veins.

Fit? Seamless, almost organic. The protocol thrives on the pre-existing infrastructure, a testament to the ever-mutating beast of technology. But this beast is shaped by us, by our insatiable need to be connected, to be plugged into the hive mind.

Cut! – We surface in a world ravaged by plague.

COVID-19 Vaccines: A desperate scramble for survival, a Faustian bargain with the bio-tech gods. The market, a battlefield littered with the corpses of the infected. A grotesque ouroboros, feeding on the very fear it seeks to quell.

Market-Protocol Fit: The mRNA vaccine formulation protocol, a Hail Mary pass into the unknown. A radical departure from the norm, a hack into the very code of the virus. A Burroughs cut-up of RNA strands, a weapon of genetic warfare.

Cut! – The final layer, a chilling truth.

Protocol-Stack Fit: The mRNA protocol, a child of the genetic medicine stack. Decades of research into the building blocks of life, the alchemical dream of rewriting humanity’s code. A potential utopia, or a dystopian nightmare waiting to be unleashed?

The Dance is Flawed: The rush for profit, the whispers of weaponized strains – a reminder that innovation has a dark side. The products we create can become our own undoing.

The Future: A Burroughs-Deleuzian nightmare made real. A world where the lines between cure and disease, defense and offense, are blurred beyond recognition. We are the dancers in this macabre ballet, but who controls the music? That remains the ultimate cut-up.

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