Kierkegaard was wrong. Life can only be understood forward; but it must be lived backwards.When the future is tired, means that our ontology is not gonna make it, which is fine. Don’t fret it. The future is not going to be everything we failed to be in the past but more like just a foreign country;Or a foreign movieDon’t let the that disturb you. If necessary, we shall confront it with the same weapons of ignorance that we use to combat the present ?Like Douglas Adams said “There is no point in using the word ‘impossible’ to describe something that has clearly happened so many time in the past”The continued veneration of the framers leave us exposed to bad subtitling (Source: https://threader.app/thread/1440750162213670919)

The future is invisible because it does not fit into a tidy category that is already subordinated to the larger scheme of capitalismHence the future predicting and the subsequent plotting to make it soSo technology is someone’s opinion in physical formBut opinions exist regardless of you thinking about themOpinions have their own opinionsThe templates we use have their own opinions which probably wasn’t the opinion you had when you first thought of somethingSo opinions can continue in their existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line – friction, unless changed by an external force.As a matter of fact a large chunk of opinions about the future are still relics downstream from the Neolithic revolution.Rise in the crude birth rate, drop in the crude death rate, more definitive, steady food sources, less hunger, less vulnerable to predators/enemies, development of more language, shared knowledge, timebut poorer nutrition, shorter life expectancies, and a more labor-intensive lifestyle than hunter gatherers. Diseases jumping from animals to human as well as anemia, vitamin deficiencies, spinal deformations, and dental pathologies.Bigger groups survived better on average but required an increase in their ability to coordinate. The more advanced, the bigger the social groups.So the future is invisible because coordination does not fit into the tidy categories of extraction and rent seeking we have grown accustomedSo what technologies enhance coordination vs extraction and rent seeking?Besides music, I mean ? (Source: https://threader.app/thread/1381461624209334273)