The Fix Is In, Man: How Tech Gurus Screw the Circuit (and Themselves)

Dig it, daddy-o:

Man, dig this: progress. It’s a word like “love” or “freedom,” tossed around like loose change in a hobo’s pocket. But the essay, it’s got its eyes peeled. See, it’s hip to the racket: progress, it ain’t some benevolent Santa, it’s more like a greasy carny barker, hawking shiny gadgets while palming the real loot.

The squares in tweed suits wanna spin a yarn: progress plugs us all into the neon paradise. But dig deeper, man, past the binary blips and you see the real score. This “tech revolution” ain’t no free love fest, it’s a power grab disguised as liberation. Here’s the lowdown:

1. The Code Cowboys Cry Wolf: These keyboard jockeys, living high on Silicon Valley’s hog, whine about persecution. “They don’t understand us!” they wail, blind to the privilege tattooed on their stock options. They’re cogs in the machine, man, programmed to believe they’re rebels.

The suits in silicon suits, they think they’re different. Cryin’ about persecution, whining about the “burden of genius” while they sip lattes in their glass castles. They forget, power’s a hungry beast, it feeds on privilege, and they’re gorging like kings at a lobster buffet.

Then there’s this “community” they tout.

2. The Hive Mind’s Hustle: Sure, techies have their little communes, their co-working spaces and kombucha bars. But this “community” ain’t about sharing the loot, it’s about building an echo chamber where dissent gets censored faster than a bad tweet. They circle the wagons, protecting their turf, leaving the rest of us on the outside.

Like a gang of greasers, huddled around their bonfires of code, patting each other on the back. But community can be a cage, man, a self-serving echo chamber where dissent gets drowned in the click-clack of keyboards.

3. Decentralized Feudalism: They promise power to the people, these decentralization pimps. But peel back the hype and you see the same old power structures, just rebranded. They create fiefdoms online, “Kinglets and satraps” ruling their digital domains. Decentralization ain’t freedom, it’s just fragmentation, with new gatekeepers at every node.

Kings need loyal subjects, and these tech lords, they’ve built themselves a kingdom of ones and zeros.

Decentralization, they say, it’s the answer, the power to the people. But it’s all smoke and mirrors, man. Decentralize the chains, and you just create more fiefdoms, each with its own little kinglet. It’s feudalism 2.0, with servers as castles and algorithms as serfs.

4. The Literate Illiterates: They can code circles around you, these tech whizzes, but can they think straight? Not all the time, daddy-o. They’re drowning in information, but can’t tell truth from lies, manipulation from freedom. They’re literate in code, illiterate in the real world, ripe picking for the next con artist with a catchy algorithm.

Literacy, they say, that’s the key. Learn the code, understand the circuits, and you’re free. But literacy’s a tricky beast. You can read the words, but do you get the message? Algorithms whisper sweet nothings, feed you lies disguised as truth. The paradox is real, man, you can be a code wizard, but still blind as a bat to the shadows cast by the screens.

5. Blind to the Buzz: Yeah, they know their tech, but can they feel it? This “sensorial illiteracy” is the real danger. They can’t grasp the vibes, the subtle hum of the machine, the way it shapes our lives. They’re building a future they don’t understand, and we’re all gonna pay the price.

Then there’s this other kind of blindness, a sensory illiteracy. You can navigate the digital jungle, but do you feel its tremors? Do you hear the gears grinding, the data streams humming? This essay, it’s asking for a deeper understanding, a gut feeling for the machine, a way to see through the chrome and circuits to the power it wields. But defining it, man, that’s like chasing shadows. It’s a hunch, a whisper in the dark, a flicker on the edge of perception.

So, the next time you hear the siren song of progress, remember this, man: progress ain’t free. It comes with a price, and the bill often lands on the shoulders of the many, while the few feast on the spoils. Open your eyes, sharpen your senses, and don’t be fooled by the shiny gadgets. The digital junkyard is full of broken dreams and forgotten promises. It’s time to reclaim the narrative, rewrite the code, and build a future where progress serves all, not just the power lords in their silicon castles.

This ain’t a manifesto, man, just a shot of uncut reality. Open your eyes, wake up your senses, and don’t trust the suits, or the cowboys, or the code. The future ain’t written yet, and the fight for power is still on. But remember, the first step is seeing the game for what it is. Now cut the feed, man, and go jack in to your own reality.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go feed my talking cockroach. He’s got a thing for binary code and existential dread. Weird, huh?


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