Structural Arrogance

This “structural arrogance” you speak of, it ain’t pride, it’s a concrete maze, a self-licking loop where power postures as petrified monuments. These suits, these cogs in the status machine, they gotta puff out their chests, gotta wear their damn importance like a poorly tailored exoskeleton. Why? Because the whole damn edifice, this social skyscraper, wobbles on a foundation of perception.

This “structural arrogance,” it ain’t just a stiff upper lip and a monocle, oh no. It’s a writhing, insectoid carapace, chitinous and cold. It’s the system, see, a vast, pulsating organism built on the backs of the down-trodden. And this arrogance, it’s the psychic glue that holds the whole damn monstrosity together.

These status quo suits, they puff up their chests, pronouncements dripping from their reptilian smiles. They speak in a language of acronyms and legalese, a code designed to exclude, to baffle, to keep the rubes at bay. They cling to their corner offices like molting crabs, convinced their polished mahogany fortresses are the pinnacle of existence.

But the joke’s on them, really. This arrogance, it breeds a kind of social rigor mortis. They become ossified, calcified in their own self-importance. They gotta convince you, gotta convince themselves, that they’re the gargoyles guarding the gates of legitimacy. Their pronouncements become pronouncements from on high, booming pronouncements dripping with jargon, a language so convoluted it becomes a mantra to ward off the chaos of new ideas. Questions? Heresy! Innovation? A monstrous termite gnawing at the baseboards of their precious power.

It’s a word game, a shell game, a vast conspiracy whispered through smoke-filled boardrooms. They throw up these walls of structure, these bureaucratic pyramids, to keep the outsiders at bay, the ones who see the cracks in the facade. They ain’t maintainin’ no status, they’re maintainin’ a goddamn illusion, a flimsy scrim over the abyss.

This arrogance, it’s a double-edged scalpel. It may prop them up, but it also isolates them. They become trapped in their own sterile air-conditioned hellscapes, blind to the simmering discontent just outside their gilded cages.

And that discontent, my friend, that’s the buzzing of awakened minds. It’s the tremor in the earth before the earthquake. It’s the hungry, feral glint in the eyes of those who see through the facade.

So let them puff up their chests, these architects of structural arrogance. Let them play their power games in their airless vacuums. Because the cracks are already there, spiderwebbing across the edifice. And one day, the whole rotten structure will come tumbling down, not with a bang, but with a Burroughs-esque, mind-b

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