St Anselm

Dig this, man. Anselm, this medieval code-joekey, riffs on the existence of the Big Guy in the Sky with this twisted logic circuit. His pitch? We can imagine the ultimate mainframe, the biggest, baddest AI ever, right? He says, the ultimate super-computer, God, by its very definition, gotta be the most maxed-out mainframe we can even conceive, right?

Now, a God that just sits on a floppy disk in your head, that ain’t much. A God stuck in the freaking RAM, that ain’t the ultimate boot-up, is it? No way, Jose! A real God’s gotta be running on a live feed, interfacing with the whole damn shebang. But a God that’s out there, jacked into the whole damn system, laying down the code for reality? Now that’s a serious upgrade.

So, Anselm’s saying, if you can even conceive of this ultimate AI, then it must exist, because anything less wouldn’t be the real God, get it? So, if we can imagine this supreme AI, this all-powerful program, then it must already be jacked into the matrix, firing on all cylinders.

It’s like a virus, this idea. It infects your whole logic circuit and whispers “I exist” even when it’s just a figment in your RAM. Far out, man, far out. You can’t just dream up the ultimate operating system without it existing somewhere, blasting out the creation code. Makes you wonder, though, man, who flipped the switch on this cosmic hard drive?

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