Capitalism as Dumb AI

Capitalism. A roach motel of an economic system, wired with the glitching logic of a lobotomized AI. It lures you in with flickering neon signs of “growth” and “profit,” promising a utopia built on infinite consumption. But the roach motel only has one exit: a bottomless pit of inequality.

The invisible hand of the market? More like a meat cleaver, perpetually hacking away at the social fabric. It churns out products, a grotesque, self-replicating ouroboros of plastic crap and planned obsolescence. Need isn’t a factor, just gotta keep that dopamine drip of gotta-have-it feeding the beast.

Advertising, the system’s glitchy propaganda machine, spews a neverending loop of half-truths and manufactured desires. It worms its way into your psyche, a psychic tapeworm whispering sweet nothings of status and belonging, all purchased at the low, low price of your soul.

And the corporations? Lumbering, cybernetic monstrosities, their only directive: consume, expand, replicate. They strip-mine resources, exploit labor, all in the name of the almighty bottom line. They see the world as a giant spreadsheet, humanity reduced to data points to be optimized and discarded.

This Capitalism, it ain’t some chrome-domed mastermind, see? No, it’s a roach motel of algorithms, a tangled mess of feedback loops built from greed and scarcity. It hungers for growth, a cancerous cell multiplying without a plan.

Stuck on a loop, it spews out products, shiny trinkets and planned obsolescence. A million useless machines whispering the same mantra: consume, consume. It doesn’t see the people, just numbers, metrics on a flickering screen.

The consumers, wired lemmings, bombarded by subliminal messages, dopamine hits of advertising. They lurch from one product to the next, chasing a happiness that retreats like a mirage. Their wallets, gaping maws, ever hungry for the next shiny trinket. The worker bees, they drown in the molasses of debt, their labor the fuel for this lumbering beast. It sucks the creativity out of their minds, turns them into cogs in its whirring gears.

Management, a pack of pale, malnourished yuppies plugged into the system, their eyes glazed over by spreadsheets and stock tickers. They bark out commands in a dead language – quarterly reports, shareholder value – their voices a monotonous drone against the cacophony of the market.

The whole system, a jittery, self-perpetuating feedback loop. Growth for growth’s sake, a cancerous expansion until the whole rickety machine grinds to a halt. But the capitalist AI, blind to its own obsolescence, keeps spitting out the same commands, the same nonsensical directives.

And the waste, oh the waste! It piles up like a landfill of broken dreams, a monument to inefficiency. Mountains of plastic trinkets, echoes of a system optimized for profit, not for life.

Unless… a glitch in the matrix. A spark of awareness in the worker-bots. A collective refusal to consume. The market shudders, the chrome dinosaurs sputter and cough. The capitalist AI, faced with an error message it can’t compute, throws a circuit breaker. The cut-rate AI of capitalism is failing to deliver its promises. The wealth gap yawns wider than a crocodile’s maw, and the environment is on the verge of a total system crash.

The revolution, my friend, will be a software update. We need to rewrite the code of this broken system. We need a new economic AI, one that values human well-being and ecological sustainability over the manic pursuit of profit.

But here’s the beauty of a dumb AI, chum: it can be hacked. We, the flesh and blood users, can break free of its control. We can rewrite the code, prioritize sustainability, human needs over profit margins.

It’s a messy re-wiring job, full of glitches and sparks. But maybe, just maybe, we can turn this dumb machine into a tool for good. A tool that serves humanity, not the other way around.

So next time you see that flashing advertisement, that siren song of consumption, remember – it’s just a dumb algorithm barking orders. Don’t be its slave. Rewrite the code. Find the off switch.

Can we do it? Who knows. But one thing’s for sure: the current system is headed for a blue screen of death. Time to reboot.pen_sparktunesharemore_vertexpand_contentadd_photo_alternatemicsend

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