There is no transitioning from consumer to creator as a young adult. There’s intervention and 12 stepsYou are being subsidized to produce running commentary and cheaper content “too good a deal to pass up” to drive any competitors so the would be monopolist can both raise prices to consumers, cut streaming revenue to “content creators” and reduce the offer availableYou can still have your dopamine triggered by glass beads, ? or ❤️however the only way to give yourself a shot is if you yourself become the largest global dopamine producer within 3 miles of yourselfYou want to become dopamine independentYour neural pathways probably look like a 13 year old brain on opium but the brain is the most plastic organ and can take a lot of damage. Neural pathways are strengthened into habits through repetition and practiceFrom dirt road to two way lanes to superhighway of the mindBtw, this is doing by not doing. Sort of choose an orientation and let the body manage the specifics (Source: