Myopic Software

Software has become an essential part of modern life. From the devices we use to the applications we rely on, software has become the preferred interface with reality for many people. However, this preference comes with limitations that are often overlooked. The reality is that software is trapped in modernity, and as a result, the best vantage point we have is limited to seeing the universe from one angle. Unfortunately, this limited perspective often leads to individuals arguing for why their angle is the angle everybody else should be using.

One of the biggest limitations of software is that it is created by humans who are products of their time. This means that the software is often limited by the biases, beliefs, and worldviews of its creators. As a result, the software may not be able to represent or understand the complexity of the world accurately. For example, many facial recognition algorithms have been shown to be less accurate when identifying people of color or women. This limitation is due to the bias of the programmers who created the algorithm.

Another limitation of software is that it is often designed to solve a specific problem or set of problems. However, the world is complex and ever-changing, and software cannot always adapt to new situations or contexts. This means that software can become outdated quickly, which can limit its usefulness. For example, software that was designed to work on older operating systems may not function correctly on newer systems.

Furthermore, software can be limiting in terms of the user experience. Many software applications are designed with a specific user in mind, and as a result, they may not be intuitive or accessible to others. For example, a software application designed for a technical audience may be challenging for someone without a technical background to use.

The limitations of software mean that the best vantage point we have to see the universe is limited to one angle. Unfortunately, many individuals who use software often argue that their angle is the only angle that should be used. This argument often leads to a lack of diversity in perspectives, which can limit our ability to understand and solve complex problems.

In conclusion, software is a vital tool in modern life, but it is not without limitations. Its limitations are due to its creators, its narrow focus, and its limitations in terms of user experience. These limitations mean that the best vantage point we have is limited to one angle, and as a result, individuals often argue for their angle as the only perspective that should be used. To overcome these limitations, we must acknowledge the biases and limitations of software and work towards creating more diverse and inclusive software applications that can adapt to the ever-changing world.

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