A copy of a copy of a copy

It seems that every movie is a remake of something that was better when it was first released in a foreign language, as a 60s Tv show or even as a comic book. You can’t always get what you need but if you try You get what you want. Anxiety in place of fulfilment. An addictive cycle of craving and malaise. No sooner has one experience begun that buyers remorse creeps in.

The quote “a copy of a copy of a copy” refers to a situation where a document or object has been replicated multiple times, with each subsequent version being based on the previous one, resulting in a loss of fidelity or accuracy.

We are the new serfs to the IP Kings in this iteration. Trust the crowd and the big n that removes the risks of creativity. We can only focus on one thing at the time and that there is a contest every quarter of a second as to which object gets our attention. Enter the franchise purposely designed to be hyper rewarding in such a way that they surpass the reward properties of foreign movies or books. Fast food provides a v strong reward with each swallow.

In this context, each copy is a reproduction of the previous copy, which means that the original may have been lost or altered in some way. As each new copy is made, errors or variations may be introduced, resulting in a product that is increasingly different from the original.

Franchises are designed to provide a large number of generally small rewards/Easter eggs driven by neuromodulators such as dopamine and serotonin. Rinse and repeat our subconscious associates reboots and remakes with rewards. So whenever we see hear or feel or think about a remake our subconscious remembers the potential for rewards so it is much more likely to be selected for attention.

This concept is often used to describe the degradation of information or quality over time, particularly when it comes to analog media like photographs, cassette tapes, or VHS tapes. Each subsequent copy of the original becomes a little less clear, a little less vibrant, and a little less accurate than the one before it.

As a result we’re being programmed to expect a very unnatural state of time compared to the one our ancestors had. The problem is that consumer demand remains static. There’s only so much streaming or multiplex you can enjoy and as saturation increases the big results are going to a proportionally smaller number. Only one product can mantain value as everything else is devalued. Advertising.

The statement “only one product can maintain value as everything else is devalued” refers to the idea that in a market economy where goods and services are constantly being produced and consumed, the value of most products tends to decrease over time. However, advertising is the one product that can maintain its value because it has the ability to shape consumer behavior and create demand for products.

In other words, while physical products may lose value as they become outdated or are replaced by newer models, advertising has the power to influence consumer perception and convince them that a product is still valuable and relevant.

For example, consider a smartphone that is released today. Over time, as newer and more advanced models are released, the value of this phone will decrease as it becomes outdated. However, if the company invests in advertising that highlights the phone’s unique features and benefits, it may be able to maintain or even increase its value in the eyes of consumers.

Similarly, think of a fast-food chain that introduces a new menu item. Initially, the item may be popular and in demand, but over time, as customers try it and move on to other options, the value of the item may decrease. However, through effective advertising campaigns that emphasize the item’s taste, quality, and affordability, the chain can maintain interest and demand for the product.

In essence, advertising has the power to create perceived value in the eyes of consumers, even when the intrinsic value of the product itself may be decreasing. As a result, advertising can be a valuable and effective tool for businesses looking to maintain or increase the value of their products over time.

Advertising takes its place at the center of the universe of a society that has been made legible and if money flows to advertising it does not flow to artists, musicians, writers. It flows to mechanisms of manipulation. If content is worthless then people are worthless too. A diffracted state which has universal suffrage and wide extension of the jury franchise, must qualify the people by education to rightly exercise the great powers with which they are invested

In a broader sense, the quote can also be interpreted as a metaphor for the way that ideas or cultural concepts can be passed down through generations, with each new iteration being influenced by the previous one. Over time, the original idea may become distorted or lost altogether, as it is reshaped to fit new cultural contexts or perspectives.

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