Anti-Hedonic Inflation

The market, a writhing flesh-mass, pulsates with a cancerous growth. Price tags morph into malignant tumors, ballooning on cans of joyless beans and flickering simulacra of entertainment. The grey dollar bleeds. Shrinks in your pocket, a junkie fiend on a score. Price tags balloon, neon tumors on the storefront whores. You reach in, pull out a wrinkled fin, but the goods they offer – plastic, hollow, a mockery of desire. You reach for a fix, a fleeting buzz, but the product itself is a pale imitation, a hollow shell pumped full of marketing air. You pay more for less, a cruel joke scrawled across your receipt in a language of flickering barcodes.

The new TV, screen a flickering wasteland, static where the sitcom laugh track used to be. The car, a chrome coffin on wheels, sputters and coughs, spewing fumes that choke the thrill of the open road. Food, a sugar-coated lie, packaged pleasure devoid of taste. Every purchase a betrayal, a hollow echo of the dopamine rush you crave. The ad men cackle, their voices dripping with honeyed lies. “More! More! More!” they scream, but the more you get, the less it fills the gnawing emptiness.

This is the anti-hedonic inflation, man. A slow, creeping sickness that rots the soul. It’s the system feeding on your pleasure, turning it into a cheap substitute, a pale imitation of the real thing. A slow leech on your pleasure centers, sucking the dopamine dry. You’re trapped on a hedonic treadmill, forever running in place, the promised land of satisfaction receding with each frantic step. The gremlins of capitalism have rigged the system, peddling snake oil satisfaction and reaping profits from your growing discontent.

But fear not, fellow traveler! There’s a way out, a resistance brewing in the alleys. Cut up the script, dissect the market’s lies. Seek alternative kicks, homemade highs. Forge connections, build communities of shared experience. Let laughter be your currency, joy your underground market. Thwart the anti-hedonic machine with a revolution of the senses.

We can hack the system, find the hidden stashes of real satisfaction. It’s in the connections, the shared experiences, the moments that defy the soulless marketplace. Let’s cut up the wallets, smash the TV, and find the highs that money can’t buy.