The song’s three verses defines three different “pigs”, the identities of whom remain unknown. The Pigs layer comprises the Darwinian/Protestant Ethic will-to-power types who drive an organization to function despite itself. The organisation is programmed by Pigs at the top, run by the Dogs petty bureaucrats or priests in the middle, and Sheep at the bottom. Good Pigs operate by what they personally choose as a higher morality, in reaction to what they see as the dangers, insanities and stupidities of mob morality. If there is one thing that characterizes them, it is a fierce desire to control their own destiny and, deep down, they resents yielding that control to the Organization, no matter how velvety its grip. The “Pigs” are displayed as gluttonous and immoral and are shown to suffer beneath these character flaws, despite being atop the social order. They are also the ones capable of equally impersonally exploiting a young idea for growth in the beginning, killing one good idea to concentrate resources on another at maturity.