Save as PDFWhy is @nntaleb calling @Quillette promotion of race science via IQ a neo-nazi agenda?Neo-nazi agenda depends on establishing the rank-order of various groups that extends intergenerationally to be used for policy guidance and crafting

notice it is this aspect of IQ debate that Quillette crowd get most fired up about: the calling into question of the rank-orderbecause they’ve understood something about evolution, that it involves inheritance, they believe they should be able to reduce every complex trait of a human being down to a neat-narrativized story of inheritanceproblems begin when we realize our most complex traits arise out of interactions, and are not reducible to more directly-heritable sub-systems ons modules — even the interactions of traits between just two people (parents) leads to very-difficult-to-predict emergent outcomesThe complex traits of a person also arise out of the interaction between that person and their environment: a Maserati is absolutely SLOOOWWW on an unpaved mountain side.The human social, cultural, and technological varies over time and space — to which environmental standard do we asses “intelligence”?So, @quillette et al seek to establish 1) a rank order of extant groups in terms of a metric they believe captures the complex of traits we refer to as “intelligence” and2) that these group differences are not peculiar to a moment in history but, via their heriditary nature, are properties *of particular groups per se*

frankly, if they aren’t neo-nazis, they are certainly serving them with their half-baked models and schemas.They should be spending their time figuring out how to get a better handle on intelligence scientifically, instead of using an impotent metric to establish a rank-order of humanity while claiming they are simply driven by the truth — no, they are driven to establish “the order”