Insiders in any field tend to develop a deep understanding and expertise in their respective domains. While this is important, it can also lead to a narrow and conventional way of thinking. Over time, insiders may become so entrenched in their established ways of thinking that they fail to consider new ideas or approaches.

This phenomenon is known as the curse of knowledge or the expert’s curse, and it can be detrimental to progress and innovation. Insiders may become too comfortable with their knowledge and experience, leading to stagnation in their thinking and work. This can result in a lack of creativity and a tendency to repeat the same ideas or solutions, leading to a lack of progress and advancement.

Furthermore, insiders may be more prone to groupthink, which is the tendency for individuals to conform to the ideas and opinions of a group. This can further reinforce the conventional thinking and prevent individuals from challenging the status quo or thinking outside the box.

On the other hand, outsiders may not be constrained by these conventional ways of thinking and can bring new and innovative perspectives to a problem. They may be able to see things that insiders may have overlooked or take an approach that insiders may not have considered.

Therefore, it is important for insiders to continually challenge their thinking and seek out new perspectives. This can be achieved by collaborating with individuals from other fields, attending conferences and workshops outside of their own field, or simply taking a step back and questioning their assumptions and biases.

In conclusion, while insiders have valuable expertise in their respective fields, they can also be susceptible to conventional thinking and groupthink. It is crucial for insiders to be aware of these limitations and to seek out new perspectives to drive innovation and progress.