need a minimum amount of physical contact everyday, even if it is just laying around with a pet

are energized by strong-link social fields such as family gatherings

like soul-baring 1:1 relationships characterized by swings between extreme intimacy and murderous enmity

are not willing to have 1:1 encounters with anyone unless they’ve been properly introduced into their social fields

are made restless and anxious by weak-link social fields such as coffee shops unless they go with a friend

are reduced to near panic by extended episodes of solitude

have relationships that gradually deepen over time to extreme levels

Extroverts tend to enjoy spending a lot of time with people they know well. Talking to strangers is less rewarding to them because most E-E transactions are maintenance transactions that help maintain, spend or appreciate the invested capital in the relationships. Some of my extrovert friends and family members are even offended by how easily and openly I talk to random strangers: to them it seems obvious that depth of sharing should correlate to length of interpersonal history. People like me simply don’t get that since our approach to relationships is to pretty much bring the depth back to zero at the end of every conversation.