My Alien Theory: we are witnessing 22nd century drone testing over US military waters, our future selves not realizing these probes are making a time/dimensional jump. These sightings will become more and more common as we move closer in time to the tech. 1/

We (US) will use these sightings to control the narrative and fake alien contact and / or make contact with our future selves. The possibilities being we merge with the future in a way where the flow of information and time is something similar to Tenet. 2/

Ghost Drones from our future, haunting the best minds of our times on the very military testing sights they work at. A warning? We may never know. Impossible to catch. The fun begins when we realize we have to protect them at all cost Bc whoever gets one 1st wins the future. 3/

Someone close to me worked around the fringes of technology and science and when you make contact with the unknown, it’s not Alien, it’s you tomorrow. 4/