Impaired Narcissism

There’s a long list of historical leaders whose impairment signaled a rapid collapse of futures for corresponding empires

Biden type

King George III (England): Mental illness, likely porphyria. Loss of American colonies, rise of constitutional monarchy.

Paul von Hindenburg (Germany): Cognitive decline, facilitated Nazi rise. Collapse of Weimar Republic, rise of Nazi dictatorship.

King Charles II (Spain): Inbreeding, physical and mental disabilities. War of Spanish Succession, division of empire, decline of Habsburg Spain.

Emperor Ferdinand I (Austria): Epilepsy, possible hydrocephalus. Limited central authority, increased influence of regional nobility.

Emperor Rudolf II (Holy Roman Empire): Melancholy, mental disorder. Weakening of imperial authority, increased religious conflict, Thirty Years’ War.

King Louis XVI (France): Indecisiveness. French Revolution, fall of monarchy, rise of the First French Republic.

Tsar Nicholas II (Russia): Ineffective governance. Russian Revolution, fall of the Romanov dynasty, rise of Soviet Union.

Pope Clement VII: Indecision. Protestant Reformation, weakened Papal authority, loss of political power.

Emperor Nero (Rome): Cruelty, erratic behavior. Great Fire of Rome, increased persecution of Christians, instability leading to Year of the Four Emperors.

Emperor Caligula (Rome): Extreme cruelty, possible schizophrenia. Economic strain due to extravagance, assassination, power struggle.

Sultan Ibrahim I (Ottoman Empire): Severe mental illness, paranoia. Political instability, decline in administrative efficiency, increased influence of court factions.

King Ludwig II (Bavaria): Eccentric behavior, mental disorder. Financial strain due to extravagant projects, loss of Bavarian independence.

Emperor Justin II (Byzantium): Severe mental illness, violent behavior. Territorial losses, weakened military, increased pressure from external enemies.

Tsar Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible, Russia): Paranoid, violent actions. Centralization of power, establishment of Oprichnina, increased internal strife.

King Henry VI (England): Bouts of insanity. Wars of the Roses, prolonged civil war, weakening of the monarchy.

Emperor Qin Shi Huang (China): Paranoia, extreme measures for immortality. Centralization of power, standardization, massive infrastructure projects, rapid collapse of Qin Dynasty.