Twitter circle of hell

Sure, here’s a satirical list of Twitter circles of hell:

  1. The Circle of Eternal Argument: Where every tweet sparks never-ending debates, with no hope of resolution.
  2. The Circle of Self-Promotion: Where every user relentlessly plugs their own content or products.
  3. The Circle of Outrage: Where users compete to be the most offended, constantly seeking out reasons to be outraged.
  4. The Circle of Trolls: Where malicious users thrive on stirring up conflict and causing chaos.
  5. The Circle of Echo Chambers: Where users only follow and interact with those who share their exact opinions, creating an echo chamber effect.
  6. The Circle of Cancel Culture: Where users are quick to jump on any perceived misstep, leading to public shaming and ostracization.
  7. The Circle of Fake News: Where misinformation spreads like wildfire, and fact-checking is nonexistent.
  8. The Circle of Toxic Fandoms: Where fans of various franchises attack anyone who criticizes their beloved content.
  9. The Circle of Memes: Where memes reign supreme, and serious discourse is drowned out by endless jokes and viral trends.
  10. The Circle of Cat Videos: Where users endlessly share cute animal content, providing a brief respite from the chaos of other circles.

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