20 Technical Gripes a Painter Might Have With Digital Painting and Generative AI:

Limitations of Brushstrokes:

  1. Lack of Tactility: No physical brushstrokes, no satisfying texture, no happy accidents.
  2. Limited Brush Variety: Preset digital brushes lack the organic feel and variety of real brushes.
  3. Imperfect Blending: Achieving natural blending can be difficult compared to the nuanced control of physical paint.

Color and Light:

  1. Inaccurate Color Gamut: Digital screens cannot fully replicate the richness and vibrancy of physical paints.
  2. Limited Lighting Effects: Simulating natural light and subtle shadows can be challenging digitally.
  3. Uniformity of Texture: Flatness and lack of texture can make digital paintings feel sterile compared to traditional mediums.

Control and Expression:

  1. Undo Button Dependency: Reworking mistakes digitally lacks the commitment and spontaneity of physical painting.
  2. Algorithmic Reliance: Feeling of being limited by pre-programmed tools and filters, hindering creative freedom.
  3. Loss of Happy Accidents: Digital painting eliminates the serendipitous effects that can spark new ideas in traditional mediums.

Uniqueness and Authenticity:

  1. Reproducibility: Digital paintings are easily copied and replicated, diminishing their perceived value and uniqueness.
  2. Generative AI Art: Feeling that AI-generated art lacks the soul and personal expression of a human artist.
  3. Concern about Authenticity: Difficulty in verifying the creator and originality of digital art.

Technical Challenges:

  1. Hardware Limitations: Expensive tablets and powerful computers needed, not readily accessible to all artists.
  2. Learning Curve: Mastering digital tools requires significant time and effort, compared to traditional techniques.
  3. Software Dependence: Reliance on specific software and updates, creating potential compatibility issues and workflow disruptions.

Sustainability and Preservation:

  1. Digital Obsolescence: Digital files can become inaccessible or corrupted over time, unlike physical paintings.
  2. Environmental Impact: The energy consumption of digital tools and cloud storage raises ethical concerns.
  3. Loss of Tangibility: No physical object to hold, display, and appreciate like a traditional painting.

Overall Experience:

  1. Disconnection from Materials: The physical interaction with paint, canvas, and light is irreplaceable for some artists.
  2. Loss of the Personal Touch: The feeling of pouring emotion and intention onto a canvas is absent in purely digital creation.

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