Cowboy Movies

Polti’s 36 dramatic situations are a framework for understanding various narrative scenarios. Here’s how some of them could be transformed into cowboy-themed plots:

1. **Supplication**: A cowboy seeks a wealthy rancher’s help to save his family ranch from foreclosure, but he must complete a dangerous cattle drive in return.

2. **Deliverance**: A group of cowboys are trapped in a remote valley by a blizzard, and they must rely on their survival skills to endure until help arrives.

3. **Crime Pursued by Vengeance**: A cowboy seeks revenge against a gang that stole his prized horse, leading him on a chase through the rugged western landscape.

4. **Vengeance Taken for Kindred upon Kindred**: Two rival cowboy families clash over disputed land, leading to a cycle of feuds and battles.

5. **Pursuit**: A lone cowboy is falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit, and he must evade the law while searching for evidence to clear his name.

6. **Disaster**: A band of cowboys must rescue a group of settlers trapped by a wildfire threatening their frontier town.

7. **Falling Prey to Cruelty or Misfortune**: A cowboy is betrayed by his closest friend and left to die in the desert, but he survives and returns to seek justice.

8. **Revolt**: Cowboys rise against a corrupt cattle baron who has been exploiting and mistreating them for years.

9. **Daring Enterprise**: A group of cowboys embarks on a dangerous mission to recover stolen gold from a bandit’s hidden hideout.

10. **Abduction**: A notorious outlaw kidnaps a rancher’s daughter, and a cowboy sets out to rescue her, facing dangerous encounters along the way.

11. **The Enigma**: A cowboy stumbles upon a hidden treasure map, leading him to a perilous journey to uncover the riches of the Old West.

12. **Obtaining**: A cowboy enters a high-stakes poker game to win the deed to a coveted piece of land, but he must outwit his opponents and play his cards right.

13. **Enmity of Kin**: Two brothers, both cowboys, become bitter rivals over their father’s inheritance, sparking a showdown that will determine who truly deserves the ranch.

14. **Rivalry of Kin**: Two cowboys compete for the affections of the same woman, leading to a rivalry that escalates into a wild west duel.

15. **Murderous Adultery**: A cowboy discovers his best friend’s wife is having an affair, and the tension escalates to a deadly confrontation in the dusty streets.

16. **Madness**: A cowboy’s sanity unravels after witnessing a tragic event, and he must navigate his mental turmoil while facing the challenges of the open range.

17. **Fatal Imprudence**: A cocky young cowboy takes on a dangerous bet to ride a notoriously untamed stallion, leading to unforeseen consequences.

18. **Involuntary Crimes of Love**: A cowboy is blackmailed into aiding a criminal he secretly loves, forcing him to choose between his heart and the law.

19. **Slaying of Kin Unrecognized**: A cowboy inadvertently kills his estranged father in a saloon brawl, setting off a chain of events that lead to his redemption.

20. **Self-sacrifice for an Ideal**: A seasoned cowboy takes on a corrupt sheriff and his gang to protect his town, ultimately sacrificing his own safety for justice.

21. **Self-sacrifice for Kindred**: A cowboy risks his life to save his wounded brother from a gang of outlaws, proving the strength of their bond.

22. **All Sacrificed for Passion**: A cowboy abandons his old life to pursue a forbidden love, but their romance leads to danger and heartache in the unforgiving wilderness.

23. **Necessity of Sacrificing Loved Ones**: A cowboy must make the heart-wrenching decision to send his family away to safety as he confronts a group of ruthless bandits.

24. **Rivalry of Superior and Inferior**: A seasoned cowboy faces a young upstart who challenges his authority, culminating in a high-stakes duel for respect.

25. **Adultery**: A cowboy finds himself torn between his commitment to his ranch and his undeniable attraction to the wife of a neighboring landowner.

26. **Crimes of Love**: A cowboy steals from a corrupt land baron to provide for his destitute family, leading to a tense pursuit and a showdown in the desert.

Feel free to use these adapted situations as inspiration for your cowboy-themed shorts! Remember that these are just examples, and you can adapt the themes and situations to create your own unique cowboy-themed plots!


Rivalry of Madness: A cocky young cowboy’s reckless behavior sparks a bitter rivalry with a seasoned ranch hand, escalating into a showdown that tests their sanity and skills.

**Opening Image**:

In the vast expanse of the untamed West, we meet a confident and brash young cowboy, Billy, who loves to take risks and challenge authority. He’s known for his flashy riding and daring stunts that amaze the townsfolk.


Enter Frank, an older and experienced ranch hand, respected for his skill and wisdom. Frank becomes increasingly irritated by Billy’s antics, considering them disrespectful to the code of the cowboy way of life.

**Theme Stated**:

Frank confronts Billy, warning him that recklessness can lead to disaster and ruin. He emphasizes the importance of responsibility and experience in the unforgiving wilderness.


Billy, feeling challenged, mocks Frank’s cautionary advice and challenges him to a riding competition, certain he can outdo the older cowboy.


As the competition nears, Billy’s friends express their doubts about his audacious plan. Even Frank’s closest friends are worried about the escalating rivalry between the two cowboys.

**Break into Two**:

The riding competition takes place in front of the entire town. Billy starts strong, impressing the crowd, while Frank demonstrates a calculated and skilled approach. The rivalry escalates, tensions growing between them.

**B Story**:

Amidst the rivalry, Billy befriends Lucy, a local girl who expresses concern about the feud and its potential consequences. She encourages him to consider the bigger picture.

**Fun and Games**:

The rivalry takes an unexpected turn when a cattle stampede threatens the town. Billy’s brash behavior inadvertently contributes to the chaos, endangering lives and livelihoods.


Frank intervenes and skillfully manages to control the stampede, earning the respect of the townsfolk. Billy’s recklessness becomes apparent to him as he witnesses Frank’s expertise in action.

**Bad Guys Close In**:

The townspeople begin to shun Billy, and he realizes he needs to make amends. Lucy helps him see that it’s not just about winning; it’s about learning from experience and earning respect.

**All Is Lost**:

Billy seeks Frank’s guidance, humbling himself and admitting his mistakes. He apologizes for his recklessness and asks for Frank’s help in facing the consequences of his actions.

**Dark Night of the Soul**:

Frank shares a personal story of his own past mistakes and the lessons he learned. He agrees to help Billy make things right, fostering a newfound respect between them.

**Break into Three**:

Billy and Frank collaborate to mend the damage caused by the stampede. Their combined skills and efforts bring the town together, proving their abilities and the strength of their teamwork.


When a new threat emerges—an imminent range fire—Billy and Frank lead the townspeople in a race against time to protect their homes and herds.

**Final Image**:

As the fire is contained and the sun sets over the rejuvenated town, Billy and Frank stand side by side, their rivalry transformed into a deep friendship built on respect, experience, and the values of the cowboy way.

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