Tech/Hollywood Confidential

Hollywood: The potential reduction in the value of labor is limitless, while the scope for expanding copyright is boundless.

Tech: Omg, secret invasion disney+ intro is public domain!

Hollywood: 😀😐😬🫣😦☹️😱 the datasets are based on copywritten stuff we own

Tech: 🤷A dataset just fell off a truck


Tech: “Rich Men North of Richmond”🎶🎼🎵we’ve never been so poor
Hollywood: we lost money on Hillbilly Elegy
Tech: “Fat people on welfare🎶🎵🎼tax dollars on your fudge”
Hollywood: High-tech haystacks
Tech: “Lower taxes more Jesus🎵🎼🎶 Binary Bales and Barnyards”

Tech: Tech tracks and tractor paths. 🎶🎼🎵We’re so back y’all


Music Industry: More followers than Tyler Childers? Ain’t no way.
Tech: Rich man North of Richmond 🎵🎼🎶 Fat people on welfare🎶🎵🎼tax dollars on your fudge” Sign up for Blue and within days you too can have a country follow
Music Industry: Industry plant

Tech: Lower taxes and more Jesus🎵🎼🎶 Hey Jason Isbell. Why won’t you debate @aintgottadollar? 🎼🎵🎶 I have Dogwhistles on a trench coat 🎶🎵🎼you wear pronouns on your sleeve
Music Industry: 🫤


Hollywood: This fall we’re planing our mayor thumbnail overhaul
Tech: 😶
Hollywood: We want you to feel sorry for not giving Airwolf, Inside the real narcos or Hannibal tv series a fair shot
Tech: 😬
Hollywood: Also we’re trying our new Chinese Room AI enhanced customer support


Tech: Burn cash, grow user base, never profit

Hollywood: What?

Tech: Burn cash, grow user base, never profit

Hollywood: We can’t do that anymore. We need something like quantum accounting

Tech: Burn cash, grow user base, never profit

Hollywood: Are you ok?

Tech: Burn cash, grow user base, never profit


Music Industry: I’m the ghost of business cycles past 👻⛓️💀🪦Technology doesn’t drive disruption~~business models do

Hollywood: Is that you Jacob? you wearing so many chains?

Music Industry: Each chain a missed opportunity. Technology as enabler, changing customer expectations, fragmentation of revenue

Tech: Is he alright?

Hollywood: They haven’t sign a new act in 25 years but Licencing is a bunch. Just zombie

Tech: Thankfully we will always be immune to changes in consumer behavior

Music Industry: 👀

Hollywood/ 👀

Tech: I feel partially responsible 😕

Hollywood: Don’t worry. He would have done the same. Remember the MiniDisc, the DCC, 8-Track Tape, DAT, Cylinder Records etc

Tech 😡Never again. They will eat their veggies, ask for seconds and say thank you

Hollywood: It’s all good now

Tech: look what they did to my boys

Hollywood: Attaboy. Now let see if we can put one on the actors

Tech: You can’t tell me what to do. I’m all grown up, now

Hollywood: 🧤🧤


Tech: the thing about streaming is that you’re all making a lot more money than anybody knows and that you’re willing to tell us.

Hollywood: Yes

Tech: Or you’re making a lot less money than anybody knows. And you don’t want Wall Street to look under the hood of this thing in any significant way because there’ll be a reckoning that will be quite unpleasant.

Hollywood: Yes

Hollywood: Wow, IPhone 18
Tech: What can I say. Barbie 5 and Oppenheimer IV: Son of Oppenheimer


Tech: So I’m a bit of a semiconductor specialist, myself
Hollywood: I’m a Nuclear scientist AMA
Tech: sometimes the rapid pace of advancement can lead to the delusion that technology can solve every problem effortlessly.
Hollywood: Nuclear science too. Benefits galore, but the same delusion haunts us.

Tech: And then everyone takes credit for your work

Hollywood: Yes, its

impostors all the way down

Tech: I’ve got a script about a self-made VC facing off against lack of scalability, weak mgt, slow traction, limited advantage, and unclear exit strategy. 🎬
Hollywood: Seems original….but we can fix that
Tech: people in the arena vibe


Tech: Saw that 900k AI gig

Hollywood: Expelliarmus

Tech: Protego totalum

Hollywood: We just wanna cast a spell and write out writers and act out actors

Tech: we don’t have writers.

Hollywood: The code writes itself?

Tech: Open source. I think you’d call it spec

Hollywood: Neat Tech: Main character superpower


Tech: Why so glum? I really enjoyed Barbenheimer

Hollywood: meh Tech: ?

Hollywood: I mean it’s the opposite of everything we have been doing for the last 20 years

Tech: People want a common story. It was fun

Hollywood: Well, We’re selling vertical integration, theater choices and everyone eagerly agreeing,

Tech: 😬

Hollywood: We could use some new idea to win this thing.

Tech: Well, capital factory line is shutdown, inventory is over marked. Need to work through some things, wash out others and let the rest expire

Hollywood: Tldr. Unicorns?

Tech: Can’t get public. Back to high risk capital and no packaging

Holywood: 😬


Tech: So, Oppenheimer was a leftist?

Hollywood: Yep

Tech: Well, Nolan lead us to believe Oppie was small government libertarian entrepreneur simpatico with inception bros

Hollywood: it’s complicated

Tech: I think Nolan missed the whole Elon, Thiel connection.

Hollywood: There are many layers. Have you tried the IMAX?

Tech: what about the whole contrarian venture capital?

Hollywood: 🫤

Tech: 🚩


Tech platforms: You guys should bundle up

Hollywood: You mean cable?

Tech platforms: Erm 🫤 it’s wireless

Hollywood: Ok

Tech platforms: This week only we’re offering 50% rate discount on ad space

Hollywood: Talk to you in 6 months

Tech platforms: 75%?

Hollywood: Raincheck?

Tech Platforms: 😶


Tech Platforms: We’ve been lying to you about conversion rates

Hollywood: Yeah, we kind of knew it but was a useful lie during ZIRP. Outstanding club to hit people with

Tech Platforms: So we good?

Hollywood: Can you cover for declining box office and streaming numbers?

Tech Platforms: Eyeballs are overrated

Hollywood: We also had a couple of zirp accounting tricks if we’re gonna be honest

Tech Platforms: I hear you. Truth can be so dull. We’re offering Media buyout meta discounts. Very competitive

Hollywood: Reality bites ass


Last time around execs had ZIRP protection. Aamof superheroes superpower was always massaging numbers up or down the calendar

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