Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

No Rube Goldberg sequences. Stuff that Spielberg would have fixed with music doesn’t get fixed (sometimes too long, sometimes too short) and that grates.

Some of the emotional blackmail works. Some really great acting here and there

Rube Goldberg refers to elaborate and complex contraptions or sequences that involve intricate and interconnected actions. These sequences are often associated with director Steven Spielberg, known for his knack for crafting visually engaging and creatively orchestrated set pieces. The absence of such sequences in the film might be perceived as a missed opportunity to infuse the story with Spielberg’s signature style.

Additionally, certain moments in the film that could have been enhanced with music are left unresolved or inconsistently addressed. This inconsistency in the use of music can disrupt the overall flow and impact of certain scenes. Music has the power to heighten emotions, emphasize tension, and guide the audience’s emotional response. When utilized effectively, it can enhance the storytelling and provide a more cohesive viewing experience. The film’s failure to consistently address these musical opportunities can be jarring and detract from the overall enjoyment.

However, the cast also highlights moments of “emotional blackmail” that do succeed in evoking strong emotional responses. This suggests that certain scenes in the film effectively utilize compelling performances and well-crafted storytelling to elicit emotional engagement from the audience. These moments of powerful acting showcase the talent and skill of the performers, adding depth and resonance to the narrative.

In conclusion, the review acknowledges the absence of trademark Spielbergian Rube Goldberg sequences and the inconsistent use of music to enhance certain scenes. However, it also recognizes the film’s ability to deliver emotionally impactful moments through strong acting performances.

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