The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Live Players

The concept of live players is fundamentally incompatible with the often-used excuse of said player that’s they feel forced to act a certain way because of “woke”.

This excuse fails to recognize the agency that individuals have over their own actions and decisions, and it highlights the contradiction between responsibility and progress that are central to the concept of live players.

Motte and Bailey excuse avoids individual responsibility and agency by presenting a controversial position as if it is the same as a less controversial one. This is poor game design that limits the ability to exercise their agency and strategic play.

More the mechanics of the game for live players was produced for idtech for Doom and Quake in the 90s and has not been meaningfully revised. Those versions are still fun but there’s too much of a gap with reality.

Live player spiel mechanics not updated, outdated for modern players. Basic movement/aiming compared to smoother, refined modern FPS. Local/LAN play only, no online multiplayer. Graphics/audio outdated, not meeting modern expectations. Still enjoyable for some but not up to modern standards.

I feel that every time someone mentions live players, agency etc they are artificially dating themselves to low resolution game mechanics. Low resolution is not a lottery ticket. At some point you’re going to drive onto a wall or past a cliff

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