Overproduction of convenience creates codependency. If we produce too many useful things, we create a surplus of people who are no longer necessary or useful to our goalpost changing. Which in turn can create a pool of Übermensch who are dependent on these conveniences and may become less self-sufficient as a result

“Groucho’s quote exposes the paradox of adhering to protocols and values, especially when it comes to honesty and integrity. In capitalist societies, success often requires prioritizing self-interest and competition over ethical considerations. On the other hand, success and recognition may also demand conformity to prevailing norms, irrespective of one’s personal beliefs.

This paradox of values/protocols, coupled with a preference for the dominant economic paradigm over relaxed attitudes, can result in an overproduction of convenience goods to maintain the illusion of progress and prosperity. However, this overproduction can exacerbate the underlying issues we are attempting to address through protocols.”

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