Tragedy of the Commons

The Privatization Racket:

They call it the Tragedy of the Commons, man, a cosmic downer flick projected on the greasy screen of reality. Garrett Hardin, that square with a heart full of barbed wire, spins this yarn about how people, us rubes, can’t be trusted with the good stuff – the land, the water, the air, even. We’d just suck it dry, turn it into a wasteland faster than a smack fiend at a pharmacy fire sale.

The rub, see? The hustle. Take that juicy commons, that shared bounty, and rip it from the greasy grip of the people. “For their own good,” they croon, these same bloodsuckers who’ve been squeezing the life out of the planet for decades.

Here’s the trick, man: Diffuse ownership, let everyone have a piece of the pie, and – WHAM! – instant locust swarm.Everyone’s gotta grab as much as they can before the well runs dry. But concentrate that ownership, put it in the hands of one slick dude in a three-piece suit? Now, that’s where the magic happens.

Suddenly, “rational self-interest” kicks in. This cat, he’s not some hippie sharing a bong with the daisies, no sir. He’s got a bottom line, a cold, hard equation etched on his reptilian brain. He’ll squeeze every last drop outta that commons, alright,but only after he’s figured out the most profitable way to do it. Because hey, rent don’t pay itself, right?

This Tragedy, it’s a script, a dog-eared paperback romance playing out on the grand stage of exploitation. They paint us as the villains, a horde of ravenous consumers, and themselves? The benevolent heroes, forced to lock up the goodies to save us from ourselves.

But here’s the real tragedy, the one they won’t show you in their flickering picture show: the land choked by greed, the air thick with fumes, the water a stagnant nightmare. All for the sake of some suit’s bottom line.

We gotta cut through this celluloid lie, man. We gotta rewrite the script, reclaim the commons, and show them what real stewardship looks like. It ain’t about profit margins, it’s about a shared responsibility, a dance with the earth, not a striptease for the highest bidder.

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