“Thou shalt not retcon.”


In the twisted tapestry of narratives, a decree echoes through the realms of storytelling – “Thou shalt not retcon.” Oh, the ever-shifting sands of fiction, where the past intermingles with the present, and the lines of reality blur into a dizzying dance of possibility. Retcon, that insidious siren, beckons with the promise of altering the very fabric of our tales, but its allure is treacherous.

In the realm of literature, comic books, and cinema, retcon seeks to rewrite the sacred script of history. It tempts the scribe to revise, erase, and rearrange the narrative like a capricious deity molding clay. Yet, beware, for in the wake of retcon lies a precarious path – one that challenges the very essence of continuity and authenticity.

Oh, the fervor of fans, like zealots guarding the sanctity of the text. They cry foul, denouncing retcon as sacrilege, a profane intrusion into the sacred halls of storytelling. They yearn for the purity of the original, where the plot unfolds like a divine decree, untainted by human meddling.

And so, the debate rages on – should we bow to the siren song of retcon, yielding to its tempting whispers to reshape the narrative at will? Or should we stand steadfast, guarding the integrity of the story’s foundation, unyielding to the allure of revision?

In the crucible of this discourse lies the heart of the matter – the delicate balance between creativity and fidelity. For within every tale resides an inherent fluidity, a natural evolution that weaves its own course through the cosmic fabric of imagination.

The storyteller, like a sorcerer, possesses the power to conjure worlds and breathe life into characters, shaping destinies with every word. With such divine authority comes great responsibility – to wield the pen with care and reverence for the truth of the tale.

Yet, is there not a certain charm in the chaos of retcon? Like the unpredictable twists of fate, it can inject new life into the narrative, unveiling hidden depths and unforeseen revelations. But tread lightly, for with great power comes the potential to disrupt the very essence of the story’s soul.

As we traverse the labyrinth of storytelling, let us embrace the magic of creativity while honoring the legacy of what has come before. Perhaps, in this delicate dance between retcon and loyalty, lies the key to a harmonious coexistence.

In the end, the choice lies in the hands of the storyteller, the guardian of worlds and harbinger of dreams. As we weave our tales, let us remember the sacred commandment – “Thou shalt not retcon” – and tread with reverence on the sacred ground of narrative continuity. For it is through this solemn covenant that our stories find their true voice, resonating through the ages, immortal in their unyielding integrity.

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