The Malfunctioning Second Brain

Twitter is not a thing of its own but more like a feedback loop of tv and cable. Biggest loser is Twitter if only because they joined tv and cable to block generational transfer and failed to notice right wing support among minorities (highest support for any republican in 60 years). Conventional wisdom on the economy on aggregate helps McConnell. Conventional wisdom didn’t capture senate or added to congress for the dems. As with legacy media, we do not really contribute or interact with the content and remain mostly passive illuminating talking points. It’s written infrastructure but infrastructure nevertheless. What’s the use of a second brain that works as bad as the first one? Our creative autonomy from the monopolies of old media has been somehow inverted and now legacy media has somehow pitch perfect emulation of Twitter human voices to carry talking points. Regardless of who wins, congress and senate are more fucked up than they were before election. Second brain malfunctioned “bigly.” Attention tunnel missed the ball 🏈 If we are victorious like this one more time, we shall be utterly ruined. Nov 6, 2020 As for Twitter it has become the fake-emoting corporate media phony it used to parody If that’s the price for a respite eating toxic slime, so be it But I think we now have a problem Self dealing of elites that lead to Trump and Institutions, msm and social media have melded together to push Biden over the Top and I’m not sure how you “unmelt” them or if you really can,

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