We Could Be Talking about…

We could be talking about 1-Capital punishment 2-Global Warming 3-Right to be Forgotten 4-Net neutrality 5-Immigration Reform 6-Dietary supplements 7-contraceptive mandate 8-Incarcerations 9-Nuclear weapons 10-Native advertising 11-Payday loans 12-Defund the police

13-student debt 14-Cuban embargo 15-Drones 16-Civil asset forfeiture 17-Sugar 18-Pharma 19-cigarettes 20-Judicial elections 21-Infrastructure 22-Goverment surveillance’s 23-corporate surveillance 24-Patent trolls 25-Bail 26-Torture 27-Parental leave 28-Online haresment

29-Transgender right 30-Mandatory sentencing 31-sex education 32-predatory churches 33-LGBT rights 34-Public Defenders 35- Mental health 36- North Dakota oil boom (busted) 37-Prisoner re-entry 38-Fantasy sports 39-Voter ID laws 49- Abortion 59-Special purpose districts 60-Apple


61-Guantanamo 62-The wall 63-congress and money 64-Flint 65- Puerto Rico 66-Debt buying industry 67-401K 68-Subprime lending 69-Charter schools 70-Police accountability 71-Opioids 72-School segregation 73-Healthcare 74-Tibet 75-Pot 76-Gerrymandering 77-Vaccines

78-Nuclear waste 79-Corporate consolidation 80-economic development incentives 81-Crypto 82-Iran 83-Sexual Harasment 84-Medicare 85-Sheriffs 86-Essential workers 87-Postal voting

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