As our world becomes increasingly saturated with content and options for entertainment, it can be difficult to sift through the noise and find something worth watching. The sheer volume of options available can be overwhelming, and the quality of the content itself can be hit or miss. It’s no wonder that many of us find ourselves feeling fatigued and frustrated when trying to find something to watch.

One possible explanation for this feeling is the shift towards user-generated content and the idea that people talking at crosses purposes is a better business model than paying professionals to create movies, books, and music. This trend has been exemplified by platforms like YouTube, which have placed a greater emphasis on the big-n statistical game of user-generated content, rather than betting on a few select horses like traditional streaming services.

While this approach may seem like a cost-effective way to generate content, the reality is that it may be costing us more than we realize. Demand for this type of content remains static, and the quality can be inconsistent at best. It’s true that in the past, advertising has been a reliable way to generate revenue and maintain value even in the face of devalued content. However, even this model may be in jeopardy as consumers become increasingly savvy and resistant to traditional advertising tactics.

So where does that leave us? As consumers, we may need to shift our expectations and approach to content consumption. Rather than relying solely on algorithms and user-generated content, we may need to be more intentional and discerning in our choices. Seeking out trusted sources, reading reviews, and being willing to invest time and attention in finding quality content may be necessary in this new landscape.

Ultimately, the challenge of finding something worth watching may be symptomatic of a larger issue: the commodification of creativity and entertainment. As our attention becomes a valuable commodity, we may need to be more mindful of how we consume and support content creators. By valuing quality over quantity and being willing to invest in the work of artists and creatives, we can help ensure that we continue to have access to meaningful and engaging entertainment for years to come.

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