Tuchman’s Use of Plot Technology

Tuchman’s work is a prime example of the use of plot technology to create a narrative that is both compelling and entertaining. The idea behind plot technology is that things happen in a story because the plot dictates that they should, rather than due to any logical or realistic reason. This is why, in Tuchman’s work, the good guys always win in the end, even if they face numerous setbacks and challenges along the way.

One of the reasons that Tuchman’s work has been so influential is because of the way she presents the 1300s as a period of extreme cruelty and savagery. The knights that she describes are depicted as little more than armed thugs, who switch sides frequently and care little for the lives of the common people. This portrayal of the medieval period is similar to the way that GRR Martin depicts the world of Game of Thrones, with its backstabbing, treachery and brutal violence.

Despite the lack of attention paid to factors such as climate change, economics, technology, or sex, Tuchman’s work remains vivid and engaging. She brings to life the daily routines of medieval life, from how people bathed and ate to how they behaved in church. These details help to create a sense of immersion in the world she describes, drawing the reader into a vivid and believable world.

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