Clean Break

I don’t buy that clean break bullshit, man. That’s for squares with lobotomized emotions and hearts stuffed with excelsior. No, the good stuff, the real fallout? That’s a compound fracture, a jagged mess of splintered bone and raw nerve. It throbs with a dull ache that creeps into your dreams, a constant reminder of the impact, the sickening crunch of the break.

No, a break’s gotta be messy, a goddamn compound fracture of the soul. See, the bone ain’t never gonna set quite right, always a dull throb under the surface. Memories like jagged shards, poking through the scar tissue, dripping with this fetid sauce of regret. It’s a grotesque banquet, this heartbreak hotel, and the only course on the menu is reheated misery. You choke it down, a bitter pill laced with phantoms, because some wounds bleed forever, baby. They bleed out into your dreams, these twisted narratives where the past replays on a scratched record, the needle stuck in a groove of “what ifs” and “should haves.”

Regret’s a bitter cocktail, a black dog with a barbed-wire leash gnawing at your insides. It twists your gut with “what ifs” and “should haves,” a voice whispering obscenities from the back alleys of your mind. It’s a film noir dame with a switchblade grin, leaving you bleeding in the gutter, replaying the scene over and over, each time with a sharper edge.

Yeah, the clean break’s a lie. We’re all walking fractures, baby, haunted by the ghosts of what went wrong. But in that mess, in the grit and grime, there’s a twisted beauty. You learn to walk with a limp, to navigate the world with a shard of your past jutting out, a jagged reminder that you survived the crash. It’s a badge of honor, a war wound in the emotional trenches of life. So raise a glass to the compound fractures, the dirty regrets, the messy breakups that leave you raw and reeling. That’s where the real story lies, scrawled in blood and bone. Yeah, the clean break’s a lie. We’re all limping around with these psychic fractures, dragging the baggage of our bad decisions, the ghosts of love lost, the echoes of words never taken back. It’s a burden, sure, but it’s also a badge of honor, a testament to the intensity with which we felt, the depth to which we fell. So raise a glass, a cracked and dusty one at that, to the messy, magnificent fractures of life. They may leave you twisted, but at least they prove you were ever alive in the first goddamn place.