Architects of Permission

Permission Structures

Power wriggles like a parasitic worm, burrowing into definitions, twisting language into wet rags. “Apartheid,” “genocide” – words pulsing with meaning, then morphing into hollow husks, sucked dry by the leeches of justification. Bureaucrats with ink-stained fingers pronounce pronouncements dripping with legalese, not blood. A word virus infects minds through media, turning “apartheid” into a social hiccup, “genocide” into a bureaucratic snafu. Victims become statistics, screams swallowed by the white noise of permission.

They crawl out of the corporate data havens, burrowing deep into the lexicon, twisting words into wetware rags.  “Apartheid,” “genocide” – hot data pulses for a fleeting moment, then decay into hollow shells, sucked dry by the leeches of justification. The feed’s saturated with their noise, a constant low-rez drone. Bureaucratic pronouncements dripping with legalese, a bloodless simulacrum of outrage. “Apartheid” becomes a social glitch, “genocide” a system error on some cosmic mainframe. Victims reduced to data points, screams lost in the white noise of permission.

But the stench lingers, a miasma of fear and blood seeping through the cracks in their sterile pronouncements. Architects of permission, playing a shell game with suffering. “This qualifies,” they croak, human lives footnotes in their bloodstained ledgers.

They play a shell game with suffering, these architects of permission. A bureaucratic shrug, a flick of the wrist, and human lives become footnotes in their bloodstained ledgers. Lines blur in the crimson haze. “Apartheid,” “genocide” – words dissolve on the fetid tongue of oppression. It’s a power trip, a monstrous carnival of suffering, where despair is the greasy concession stand fare. They dole out permission for outrage, ration empathy like discount coupons in a world gone mad.

Just dry, dusty lines in a textbook waiting to be rewritten. They build cages of semantics, steel bars of legalese, where screams are muffled by pronouncements. A macabre ballet on the bones of the innocent, dissecting atrocities with sanitized language while blood runs hot. Apartheid? A filing error. Genocide? A glitch in the algorithm.

Their eyes, like dead fish behind mirrored visors, see the world in a binary code – suffering neatly categorized into ones and zeros. But the human heart bleeds in a messy, analogue mess, a riot of emotions they can’t filter, can’t control. So they twist language into a weapon, pointed at the victims, a denial of the reality they’re trying to define. Words writhe like code on a corrupted screen, the truth a data leak they can’t contain.

A macabre minuet, the powerful pirouette on misery’s mountain. But the music changes. A drumbeat of resistance. Words reclaimed, cages shattered, the true cost of permission structures laid bare. The gears grind, the machine churns. Power defines, then uses those definitions as shields. A monstrous game on a bone chessboard, pawns manipulated by strings of definition.

But in the margins, words are dissected, rearranged, their true meaning revealed. Apartheid, a suffocating control web. Genocide, the cold eradication of a people. The virus exposed, its lies laid bare. The fight is for language’s soul, man. Can we reclaim the power to define? Tear down permission structures, expose the raw truth? The cut you gotta make yourself.