Art: Perpetually New

The work of art is perpetually new; it demands reinterpretation with each era, each generation. Great works of art are like inexhaustible springs originating from a place beyond our “little world of little world of man” They reconnect us with a reality too vast for the rational mind to comprehend, he says. No revolution is possible without a critical mass of critical mass, he writes. The artist’s work is designed to serve instrumental reason “artifice,” he says, to reveal the unseen in the situation. “Art dissolves the fog of consensus in which we normally operate,” he adds. “It places us in exactly the same position as the first people who stared up at the stars in wonder. “No revolution is Possible without the critical mass of critical Mass of art, “and it is at once a sinking to the source and a leap toward the infinite. It is a leap to the infinite, a leap into the infinite.” Art is not for an abstract audience but for a lone percipient with whom it seeks to connect. If we really are due for a shift in consciousness, it is incumbent upon each of us to “be the change”