The Juice ain’t Flowing: Access to the loot, be it water, food, or the green kind, becomes a mirage for the huddled masses while fountains overflow for the chosen few. This ain’t a one-trick pony, though. Environmental gremlins like pollution and depletion join the party, turning scarcity into a tangled mess.

The Grab is On: The big boys see opportunity in the drought, scrambling to hoard resources like a junkie with a fresh score. This power play only dries the well further, a feedback loop straight to hell. Scarcity becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, fueled by greed and short-sightedness.

Chockablock: The elite feast while the environment withers, and inefficient practices add fuel to the fire. Scarcity becomes the new normal, a suffocating smog that chokes out diversity and critical thinking.

Grifting the Dry Well: As resources dwindle, the suits with forked tongues slither in, peddling simple solutions to complex problems. Information gets twisted, warped into weapons of division: facts morph into badges of identity, fueling the flames of “us vs. them.” The “them,” once a diverse crowd, become a singular enemy, a convenient target for the manufactured outrage.

Lizard Brain Takes Over: Living with contradictions? Fugeddabout it. The pressure cooker explodes, boiling complex issues down to base instincts. Long-term planning goes out the window, replaced by a desperate scramble for whatever scraps remain.

Narrow Choices Ain’t Change: People, caught in the vice of scarcity, see their options shrink. They adapt, sure, but it ain’t the same as real change. They become cogs in the machine, their potential for critical thought and agency squeezed dry.

The Burroughs-ian twist: This descent into scarcity is a twisted journey, a Burroughs-ian nightmare where complexity crumbles into base instincts, and the powerful exploit the desperation of the masses. It’s a stark reminder of the dangers of unchecked greed and the importance of critical thinking, even in the face of overwhelming challenges.

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