Variable Rate Mortgages and the Big Bang

Exploring the Hypothesis:


The origins of the universe have long fascinated scientists and philosophers alike. The concept of the Big Bang, a widely accepted theory explaining the birth of the universe, provides a framework for understanding its expansion. This essay ventures into a speculative hypothesis that proposes a connection between an era of variable rate mortgages and the genesis of the Big Bang. While this idea delves into imaginative territory, it allows for an intriguing exploration of causality and the interconnectedness of concepts.

I. Variable Rate Mortgages: A Human Construct:

A. Introduce the concept of variable rate mortgages as a financial instrument tied to interest rates.

B. Highlight the role of variable rate mortgages in shaping economic cycles and influencing financial decisions.

II. The Expanding Universe and Cosmic Expansion:

A. Present an overview of the Big Bang theory and its implications for the universe’s expansion.

B. Discuss the cosmic inflation and the continuous expansion of space as key components of the Big Bang theory.

III. Imagining a Hypothesis:

A. Propose the speculative hypothesis that an era of variable rate mortgages may have played a role in triggering the Big Bang.

B. Explore the idea that fluctuations in interest rates within an ancient financial system could have catalyzed a chain reaction, leading to a cosmic event of immense energy release.

IV. Causality and Interconnectedness:

A. Delve into the concept of causality and its relevance to the proposed hypothesis.

B. Discuss the interconnectedness of seemingly disparate phenomena, highlighting the potential parallels between economic systems and cosmic events.

V. Exploring Analogies and Symbolism:

A. Draw analogies between the principles of variable rate mortgages and cosmic expansion, exploring parallels in the concepts of growth, cycles, and the influence of external forces.

B. Discuss the symbolic significance of linking financial mechanisms with cosmic events, contemplating the implications for understanding the nature of existence.

VI. Scientific Limitations and Philosophical Musings:

A. Acknowledge the speculative nature of the hypothesis and the absence of empirical evidence to support it.

B. Encourage a philosophical exploration of the idea, considering its metaphorical implications and the possibilities it presents for broader contemplation.


The hypothesis suggesting a connection between an era of variable rate mortgages and the Big Bang delves into the realm of speculation and imaginative thinking. While lacking empirical evidence, it serves as a thought-provoking exercise, inviting us to consider the interconnectedness of concepts and the influence of various systems on the universe’s existence. By exploring such hypotheses, we engage in intellectual curiosity, expanding our understanding of causality, and stimulating further philosophical musings about the nature of reality and its origins.

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