Keith Richards, legendary guitarist for The Rolling Stones, has long been a fan of AC/DC, the iconic Australian hard rock band. Richards has spoken publicly about his admiration for the album, which he considers to be one of the best rock records ever made.

Released in 1978, Powerage marked a turning point for AC/DC. The band had already established a reputation as a fierce live act, but they had yet to achieve mainstream success. With Powerage, they refined their sound and showcased their songwriting skills, creating an album that was both powerful and melodic. The album featured classic tracks such as “Down Payment Blues,” “Gimme a Bullet,” and “What’s Next to the Moon,” all of which showcased the band’s trademark riff-heavy sound.

Powerage represents the pinnacle of AC/DC’s artistic achievement. Its blend of hard-hitting riffs, catchy melodies, and bluesy swagger has stood the test of time, cementing its status as a classic of the genre.

The idea that everyone is still trying to make the album that AC/DC might have made between Powerage and Highway to Hell speaks to the album’s unique place in the rock canon. Powerage was a seminal work that showcased the band’s musical prowess and raw energy, and it served as a bridge between their earlier, more raw sound and the polished, radio-friendly rock of Highway to Hell and beyond.

This statement also suggests that the album continues to resonate with fans and musicians today, long after its release. The fact that so many people are still trying to capture the essence of that sound and that moment in time speaks to the album’s lasting impact on the rock genre as a whole.

Despite its enduring popularity, Powerage remains an underappreciated gem in the AC/DC catalog. Many fans and critics continue to lament the fact that the band never made an album that matched the brilliance of Powerage, or the one that might have been made between it and Highway to Hell. Powerage, they argue, is peerless, a testament to the band’s creativity and musical prowess.

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