Never Re-enact the Sleight

Junky marks fiending for their next astonishment fix – reality a banal husk without that sweet frisson of the impossible injected straight into their vapid cerebral veins. Illusionists carters of a paradox narcotic more addictive than horse, hovering on that razor edge where certainty splinters apart into horrific/ecstatic chimerae.

Watching junkies ride convulsive K-waves as ingested miracles momentarily short-circuit Reason’s monopoly over the aperture through which experiential data streams. For a nanosecond the Symbolic Order yawns apart, offering fleeting glimpse of that awful primordial abyss underlying consensus reality’s thin cinematic veneer. Sick junkies helplessly crave repeat hit of that brain-tearing epiphany…

But showman’s dictum: NEVER RE-ENACT THE SLEIGHT. Let deckled imagination bloom in prolific soil of that gaping plot-hole. Starve marks of facile resolution, force their free-associating psyches to claw labyrinthine paths through mysteries’ dank recesses… each obsessive explication mutating ever deeper into alien terra enigma.

Identity’s bedrock eroding beneath relentless onslaught of speculative catechism – self sloughing into hieroglyphs scrawled across damp dungeon walls by forgotten cults. Abysmal hunger awakened can never be sated, merely ascending dizzying spiral of empties hungering for emptier empties…the soul winnowed to husk encasing husk encasing hOLLOWNESS.

So inject paradox’s exquisite gangrene, then let poisoned imaginations fester. Inscribe the enigma, swaddle it in Burroughsian mystery, THEN WALK AWAY…allowing obsession to deliquesce all sutured certainties in purple dissolving flames of unanswerable riddle.


The velvet drapes, once portals to wonder, hung like tattered meat curtains. Sequins on the sequined jacket were not scales of a cosmic serpent, but plastic glued to polyester by sweatshop fingers. The Endless Enigma, revealed as greasy hair and a compulsive cough, shuffled through his next “disappearing act,” a tired routine as predictable as a roach motel check-in.

The velvet folds of reality crack open, spewing forth a kaleidoscope of impossible doves and wriggling silks. Applause, a rhythmic hammering on the thin pane of your skull. You gape, a slack-jawed insect at a technicolor flower. But the trick, the goddamned trick, begins to flicker, a neon sign on the fritz. Your eyes, bloodshot and weary from the endless spectacle, adjust. You see the greasy gears churning beneath the polished veneer, the clumsy fingers fumbling the vanish. The doves cough, the silks reek of mothballs. Disillusionment, a bitter pill dissolving on your tongue.

But wait. A new kind of trip kicks in. This peeling back of the trick reveals a stage vaster than you imagined. The sweating magician, a twitchy marionette in a sequined suit, jerks at unseen strings. The audience, a writhing mass of faces, some slack-jawed like you, others jaded and bored, each a universe trapped in a bony cage. You see the cracks in their facades, the hunger, the fear, the desperate need to believe.

Your focus, a laser on the vanishing dove or the levitating assistant, unraveled. You saw the audience, faces flickering in the dim light, a grotesque carnival of desire and ennui. Each grimace, each bored yawn, a universe trapped in a skull-cage. You saw the magician’s sweat beading, a desperate, glistening insect clinging to a rock. The stage, once a platform for the transcendent, became a microcosm of the human condition, a million tiny tragedies playing out in the space between heartbeats.

And in this revelation, a deeper magic bloomed. The thrill of the trick, the childish wonder, faded, replaced by a dizzying awe. This, you realized, was the real illusion – the separate selves, the magician and the audience, the performer and the performed-upon. Here, in this charade of disappearing doves and levitating bodies, flickered the echo of a grander, more horrifying truth: the interconnectedness of it all, the vast, tangled web of existence where your gasp and the greasy cough were notes in the same deranged symphony.

And then, a different kind of wonder creeps in. Not the cheap gasp of a disappearing coin, but the dizzying awe of infinite possibility. This hall of illusions, this unending magic show, is not a trick, but existence itself. The magician, a clumsy god, fumbling with the levers of reality. The audience, you and them, all players on this absurd stage. The true magic lies not in the sleight of hand, but in the sheer, illogical, heart-stopping existence of it all. You lean back, a manic grin splitting your face. Who needs a disappearing rabbit when you have the goddamn universe?

The magic show continued, an endless loop of smoke and mirrors, but the real spectacle had begun. You were no longer a passive observer, but a participant, a cog in the rusted machinery of this shared, shimmering madness. And in that dizzying realization, a strange kind of joy bloomed, a perverse appreciation for the magnificent, horrifying trick of being alive.